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Getting services out of turn.

Slidu Serviss, appreciate your time and nerves. We know that when they came to us, sometimes you can get into a long line and lose valuable time in the shuffle.

As there are very busy moments and times when work is much smaller than during the day. We try to celebrate itself, the busiest hours of operation. If you want to get fast service and quality, and not to fall into place, you have the chance. First, create your order and the convocation of a workshop you are interested, our master will listen to you and be able to understand how much time is need to carry out your request. Master will tell you when and how much, is ready to take you and write you for some time. When he came to the studio, you will immediately start to serve.

 If the performance of the services will require considerable time, you can set aside your skates and come back for them later. Surcharge for storing skates (to 12 hours), we do not take.

Also you have the opportunity to order "service on departure." If you are a team and are doing in the lobby, where Slidu Serviss is not offering its services, you can collect a minimum of 10 pairs of skates and call our courier. All you need is - using a marker on the sole of each shoe to specify the type and size of the grooves further convocation with our workshop and arrange when and where it is necessary to pick up the skates and where they take after sharpening. Our representative at the appointed time we get to you, and will take the horses, will drive them to grind and return to you.

Delivery and bringing in Riga only costs 7 euros, the cost of all services Slidu Serviss is the same as in the studio. "The service at check-out" - only available in the territory of Riga.