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Straightening blades.

Slidu Serviss, using professionally equipment, offers a service of straightening blades for figure skating.

Standard blade has a thickness of 3,00mm. When you skate, your body weight is transferred to the blade and a blade loads can bend. In most cases, after the installation is not true test, rusting fasteners, they lose their rigidity and the blade starts to hang out. Under such conditions, the blade bends quickly. If this happens, then at sharpening the master will not be able to get a good result and will offer to straighten it.

We recommend that all the work on the installation or reinstallation of the blade shaped to professionals Slidu Serviss
Unfortunately, even with very good equipment, to straighten the blade at 100% does not work, but to achieve very good results possible. It is especially important to check the straightness of the blade and try to straighten it as much as possible, if you decide to install a complex groove as FBV or Channel Z.

As the blade can be bent at the time of its mounting shoe. We recommend that you install a new blade and reinstall There exists only in the workshops Slidu Serviss, since we are using the original technology and manufacturers instructions.

Not all blade turns to straighten. If the bend is too large, there is a possibility that the blade burst pattern during straightening. This is due to the fact that the metal accumulates stress and when you try to set it the desired shape can not withstand even minimal bends!

Using our experience, we have the most carefully tried to approach the straightening processes, but the risk still remains. Slidu Serviss not be held responsible for any tainted blade when straightening.