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Stretching a shoe length and width
Slidu Serviss, using professionally equipment, offers to stretch your shoes up to size 1.5 in length and up to 1,0sm wide.
In our workshops we can stretch the shoes in length and width. Both services are held separately from each other. Frequently such procedures are required for different reasons. We are ready to take full responsibility for the execution of these works, but should bear in mind that by doing so we have broken the integrity of the boot, and can spoil it. We most carefully tried to approach the processes of stretching, using step-tension system, but the risk still remains. Before visiting our shop, it is advisable to check with shoe seller, whether it is possible to heat the product, how and to what extent. Upon heating, many materials can be molded easily, which simplifies operation.
It is important to remember that stretch boot process is not reversible. Even the smallest change in the length and width of the shoe, a significant impact on perceptions. Slidu Serviss'm reccomend, such procedures are carried out gradually, in several passes.
Using our experience, we have the most carefully tried to approach the processes of stretching, but the risk still remains. Slidu Serviss Company assumes no RESPONSIBILITY for broken shoes in the process of stretching.