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We at Slidu Serviss believe that the time has come for technical staff, sharing experience with coaches and athletes. And over the past 10 years, we have accumulated a great deal of knowledge and experience. In this way, we hope to shed light on the "secret technologies of the grinders" and thereby protect you from mistakes and spoiled inventory.

We are always openly talking about what is happening in our workshops and trying to show our customers how and what can be checked in our work. Usually clients in the workshops of Slidu Serviss were grateful for the information received and used it later.

It is for this that we began to offer our masters as specialists who would happily visit your collections, camps or competitions for such meetings. As a rule, this communication takes 30 minutes, for which we succeed, to tell in more detail what is happening with your blades at the time of riding, sharpening, profiling, and also tell us about the possibilities of repair, personalization and maintenance of your inventory!

If you could be interested in cooperation with the workshops of Slidu Serviss, please email us at .

Workshops Slidu Serviss is a reliable partner in the field of service of sports equipment. We are open to cooperation with your athletes, on the conditions convenient to you!