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Slidu Serviss, looking for new partners in the face of ice rink and closed ice halls!

The Slidu Serviss workshop can appear on any ice arena if we receive such an offer. For us, there are no priority sites, we are ready to work and provide professional services, both in the Riga district and beyond.

Collaboration with Slidu Serviss can be arranged on a regular basis, as well as on regular or seasonal arrangements. We place equipment that is easy to transport and in the shortest possible time can be delivered to a place convenient for you.

We are ready to take on skate maintenance used for massive skating or skating of your professional teams.

Everything you need to open a workshop in your territory is your desire and free space from 2 to 15 m2, at your request. We do not use high voltage, one 220Vatt outlet, we have enough to get started!

We use a few ready-made mobile and stationary workshops projects, so the workshop in a new place can open a few days after the conclusion of the contract!

If you could be interested in cooperation with the workshops of Slidu Serviss, please email us at

By working with us, you are guaranteed to get the following benefits:

  • Slidu Serviss fully officially operates (cashier, checks, video surveillance) and guarantees the highest quality of completed work.
  • We at Slidu Serviss have a flexible approach and are ready to negotiate special conditions.
  • We only use well-trained personnel and professional equipment
  • Only Slidu Serviss is the most complete offer for hockey players and figure skaters.
  • We have our own transport, in order to arrange delivery of our equipment or delivery of your skates to us in the workshops in a short time!

Contact Slidu Serviss and receive a personal offer!