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Quality Assurance
Slidu Serviss, very serious about the quality of services offered. We work as carefully as possible with your inventory and understand that for you it is important that nothing was broken in a particular process.

In our workshops are using the highest quality equipment, due to which we try to minimize the possibility of mistakes. If all the services we use notes and hints original equipment manufacturers and equipment. If we do not understand or do not know how to perform the services you are interested, we will refuse to perform it! We are on permanent contact with a number of equipment manufacturers and often consult with them.

The entire staff goes seasonal training, advanced training, both in Latvia and in the factories of manufacturers. The most important thing for us to guarantee high quality services!

If you are not satisfied with the result of providing you services, be sure to tell the master. He should listen to you, understand the problem and offer its solution. In the event that this result does not suit you - ask for a room foreman and tell him about the situation. If you make a mistake, we will do everything possible that would remedy the situation if the fix is ​​already nothing happens we will give you reasonable compensation.

Most importantly, if you do something is not clear or seems suspicious, you are not satisfied with the results - do not hesitate to ask questions. Master must clearly understand and be able to explain what he was doing and why.

Capable and interested in our staff to answer your questions.